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C-IP developed and patented the
"magnetic golfing mat".

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Contact C-IP for more detailed information and availability.




Our mats are designed using a unique worldwide granted patent.

Magnets are positioned in the rubber frame and in the foam of the inserts; the repulsing force of the magnets  pushes the insert away from the rubber frame and makes the insert float.

When hitting the mat it ‘bounces’ in a magnetic field, absorbing the shock of the stroke. Whilst golfers using traditional mats tend to hit ‘thin’ shots when they go on the course since they hold back their swing; they can now hit a divot on the magnetic golfing mat using the 15mm of air to go ‘into the ground’ like a real shot on the course.

Training is less tiring and more enjoyable and therefore more golfers will visit a range facilities and play more.

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