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Innovative starch adhesive formulations for  sustainable corrugated board production.

Enhanced Advantages:

Utilizing Borates or 100% Borate-Free Alternatives Elimination of Primary, Pre-cooked Starch Consistently Maintained Viscosity Over Prolonged Periods Preservation of Native Starch Characteristics Promotion of High Shear Thinning Properties Facilitation of Reduced Gelling Points Optimized Adhesive Structure, Minimizing Lengthy Bonding Times Elevated ECT - BCT (Edge Crush Test - Box Compression Test) Values Permitting Controlled Dosing of Sodium Silicate Acceleration of Production Speeds Reduced Energy Consumption Settings

and a multitude of additional advantages...

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Carrier Gel formulations generate multiple sustainable benefits for the corrugated board industry.

It all starts logically with a metamorphosis of the glue. High thixotropic properties change the flow behaviour of the adhesive in such a way that very important and sustainable benefits influence the corrugated board production process .


Due to the unique combination of Carrier Gel and Sodium Silicate, the adhesive becomes so performant that the cardboard quality increases spectacularly. To such an extent that a low paper grammage can be used for the fluting, without having to sacrifice on ECT values.Exceptional stable viscosity and fantastic rheology also results in a significant reduction in waste produced.

Lower paper consumption for an equivalent volume of produced corrugated board is sustainable production.

C-IP SA splashing

Lower adhesive consumption.

A significantly lower annual starch consumption of at least 15% results first of all in less energy being used to produce this starch out of flour. Less energy needed to prepare glue, less freight transport, less glue application in the cardboard, less moisture to be evaporated, etc....

Due to the particularly short adhesive structure and the high pseudoplasticity, adhesive is only applied to the tip of the fluting. No splashing or foaming. So no wasted glue in the flank of the corrugation that needs to be evaporated.

C-IP SA Sustainable

Important energy savings.

Because the adhesive becomes much more performant, considerable energy costs savings can be achieved.
This can be done in several ways:
Either by lowering the temperature of the heating elements because less moisture has to be evaporated.
Or by increasing the line speed so that the production time can be reduced. In either case, a lower gelling point of the adhesive can be introduced in the formulation.
Furthermore, the preparation time of the adhesive is reduced by up to half. This also constitutes to a substantial energy savings.

These significant reductions of energy automatically results in sustainable productivity and lower CO² emissions.

C-ip Green


Carrier Gel contributes in several areas when it comes to sustainable development.


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