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Higher Board Quality
+Sodium Silicate

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The NEW patented combination with Carrier Gel enable the reintroduction of water glass (Sodium Silicate) to improve bonding and board quality ECT values.


Due to its specific combination with Carrier Gel, the Sodium Silicate doesn’t stick to glue units, enabling fast, safe & easy cleaning of the equipment and offering higher board quality.


The presence of the Carrier gel in a starch of flour adhesive allows to add a Sodium Silicate, and hence enjoy an improved adhesive bond, without suffering the drawbacks associated with a silicate, i.e. the brittleness of the adhesive bond over the long term, and of the residue forming on the processing equipment, and this in particular with the formation of adhesive bonds with paper and/or cardboard as a substrate.


Lower Energy Consumption

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Less is more!

Carrier Gel Formulations generate high shear-thinning properties. Excellent balance of tack, water retention, gelling point and thixotropy enables a short adhesive structure (zero splashing) very thin glue lines just at the top of the fluting.

Less adhesive is less moisture in the fibre resulting in higher production speed with lower temperature settings.

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