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NATIVE corn, wheat, tapioca, rice


  • High level shear-thinning

  • Excellent water retention

  • Stable viscosity

  • Thixotropic

  • Very short adhesive structure

  • Enable lower gelling points

  • No pre-cooked part

  • Enable reintroduction of silicates

  • Higher ECT - BCT


This (r) evolution in Corrugated Board production


improves your environmental profile.


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No pre-cooked starch or flour

Unlike most of traditional adhesive formulas like Stein-Hall or others using a part of precooked gelatinized starch as carrier to suspend the secondary starch, CARRIER GEL acts as the carrier of 100% of the starch. This new revolutionary system enables 100% of the starch or flour to act as glue.


With traditional formulations, the primary starch or carrier starch offers zero bonding. It only ‘holds’ the secondary starch in suspension and determines the final viscosity and gel point of the adhesive.

Viscosity & Rheology


Viscosity of traditional starch adhesive is altered by varying the amount of carrier starch or water used in the formula. In a corrugated board box plant, viscosity is determined by the needs of the machine due to the glue rolls and the rate they pick up and transfer starch to the medium. The higher the starch viscosity, the higher the end application rate is on the combined board due to the film thickness being carried on the glue roll.


The volume of CARRIER GEL determines the final viscosity of the adhesive.

The caustic determines the gelling point of the starch or flour. Carrier Gel enables a lower gelling point without affecting the viscosity of the adhsive.


Over the last years, C-IP has developed and patented this unique technology to enable very simple, stable adhesive formulations.

Next R- evolution in starch-based adhesives formulations.


Carrier Gel replaces 100% of the pre-cooked carrier part in starch adhesive formulations.

Enabling important starch savings, excellent rheological benefits generating energy & waste saving.

Excellent board quality and more benefits.


Enables to produce starch or flour adhesive formulations with or without BORATES.


Enables to use cheap, UNMODIFIED starches and is an excellent alternative to replace OBM.

Enables to lower the gelling temperature of starch adhesive.


Enables where required to (re) use sodium silicates to higher ECT values


Unlike traditional starch adhesive formulas the unique mixture with Carrier Gel enables the dosage of water-glass to improve bonding. Due to the specific combination with Carrier Gel, the water-glass doesn’t stick to glue units, enabling fast, safe & easy cleaning of the equipment and offering outstanding board quality.


In the past, the tendency of water-glass as an adhesive to produce paper board was to crack within a few years, at which point it no longer holds the paper surfaces cemented together.


Combined with Carrier Gel, water-glass penetrates deep into the paper fibers and remains flexible over time.

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sin bórax ni boratos
senza borace o borati
sans borax ni borates
ohne Borax oder Borate
without borax or borates



Benefits of Carrier Gel in water based adhesive formulations.


  •   Shear Thinning – Pseudo-plasticity

  •   Viscosity decreases with increased stress

  •   Very Short adhesive structure

  •   Stable viscosity


Stress generated by the Glue & Doctor roll enables a very thin glue film.

Glue-rolls run at +/- 98% production speed of board = 200 – 400 m/min

When adhesive is picked-up by the glue roll the stress goes up and the viscosity drops instantaneously.

This generates a very thin glue film. Often at mechanical minimum settings.

At contact point with paper the stress is stopped immediately and initial viscosity returns enabling excellent fiber penetration just at the tip of the flute.

Rheology of a typical Carrier Gel Formulation with Wheat Flour

Schermafbeelding 2019-08-28 om 17.00.30.
Starch or Flour adhesive viscosity Brookfield Stein Hall Cup

Adhesive's film thickness -10% on average with Carrier Gel Formulations

compared to traditional formulas.

Schermafbeelding 2019-09-02 om 17.36.39.
Glue film thickness measurement

The information contained in this website is based on our present and best knowledge. However we make no warranty, whether expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability or of fitness for a particular use or purpose. Consequently the formulations must be tested by the user according to his needs and his production, equipment and application conditions and purposes. Neither do we assume any responsibility for infringement of our patent rights which may arise from the use of the formulations without our expressive autorisation. For industrial use only.

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