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 2 Components Synthesis
for starch-based adhesives




for the Corrugated Board Industry

The adoption of Fusion is remarkably simple, seamlessly integrating into existing adhesive formulations regardless of the type of starch used, with minimal to no modifications required within the starch preparation process.

The two essential components are conveniently provided in liquid form and administered using a precise dosing pump. Notably, the Fusion solution can be dispensed directly from Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), eliminating the need for prior mixing, extensive preparations, or dilutions.

Overall, Fusion represents a groundbreaking approach to adhesive development, leveraging cross-linking to enhance the performance and stability of starch-based glues. Its user-friendly implementation process offers versatility and efficiency across various industrial applications.



reduce starch consumption by minimum 20%

lower the medium paper program with 5%

higher mechanical properties of the corrugated board (ECT, BCT)

Fusion in a nutshell

  1. Exceptional Viscosity Stability: Fusion ensures a highly stable viscosity over extended periods, maintaining optimal glue performance consistently.

  2. Lower Gelling Point: The technology offers a lower gelling point, facilitating quicker and more efficient glue preparation.

  3. Thixotropic Behavior with High Shear Thinning Values: Fusion exhibits thixotropic behavior, allowing for easy application due to high shear thinning values. This property enables smooth and controlled adhesive flow, enhancing workability.

  4. Improved Water Retention: Fusion enhances the water retention characteristics of starch-based glues, providing better adhesion and reducing the risk of drying out during application.

  5. Minimal Glue Film Settings: The technology enables glue film settings at mechanical minimum, minimizing excess glue usage and optimizing adhesive application efficiency.

  6. Splashing Prevention and Short Adhesive Structure: Fusion reduces splashing during application, thanks to its short adhesive structure, ensuring a clean and precise glue application process.

  7. Expedited Glue Preparation: Fusion streamlines the glue preparation process, allowing for a 30% faster preparation time. This results in increased glue kitchen capacity and reduced energy consumption.

  8. No Requirement for Pre-cooked Starch: Fusion eliminates the need for primary pre-cooked starch, as it determines the required viscosity and suspension independently, simplifying the production process.

  9. Compatibility with Native Unmodified Starches: The technology works excellently with native unmodified starches, expanding options for adhesive formulations and reducing the need for extensive modifications.

  10. Excellent Performance with Ready Mix: Fusion exhibits outstanding performance even in One Bag Mix (OBM) systems, ensuring reliable adhesion in challenging conditions.

  11. Quick and Easy Cleanup: Fusion enables fast and effortless cleanup of installations, saving time and resources.

  12. Reduced or Eliminated Use of Anti-bacterial Agents: Fusion significantly reduces or eliminates the need for anti-bacterial agents in adhesive formulations, promoting a more environmentally friendly approach.

  13. Compatibility with Most Waterproof Agents: The technology is compatible with a wide range of waterproof agents, providing versatility in adhesive formulation.

  14. Safe and Environmentally Friendly: Fusion carries no dangerous label, poses no risk to human health, and is not classified under REACH regulations, ensuring a safe and sustainable adhesive solution.

  15. Contributes to Sustainable Packaging and Energy Savings: Fusion promotes more sustainable packaging practices and contributes to significant energy savings, aligning with environmentally conscious goals.

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