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Stable Viscosity

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No Splashing

Carrier Gel generates very short adhesive structure.

Zero Splashing

Glue rolls at minimum mechanical setting.

Adhesive only at top of the fluting and none in the flank.

No useless adhesive or moisture in the paperfibers results in stronger board quality.

Easy and fast cleaning of equipment.


Prevent Bacteria




Precooked or gelatinized starch is a real appetizer for bacteria destroying the adhesive’s viscosity after a long stand-still or weekend.


Excessive water amount in the production process.


Intense mechanical Shear in agitators, pumps, squeezing between doctor and glue roll

Temperature rise at the Single Facer causes the adhesive to become thinner

With CARRIER GEL formulations:


no pre-cooked or gelled starch present in the formula reducing considerably the risk for bacteria and dramatic viscosity losses over a weekend.


Viscosity and suspension is generated by a polymer specially designed to remain stable in these environments.

This results in a lower consumption of biocides.

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