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An idea is a terrible thing to waste!

With this slogan, C-IP has developed pioneering technologies for various industrial applications in recent years. With decades of experience in the field of corrugated board production, special developments and innovations have been realized in recent years. Especially in the area of starch adhesives, groundbreaking formulations have been developed that guarantee more sustainable corrugated board production.

With a highly performing R&D team and renowned patent offices, our developments are patented worldwide.


C-IP is always looking for the right partners or licensees for its developments.


License Agreement

Solutions & Technology for the Corrugating Board industry.

Rheology Modifiers

Boron Compound Suspensions

Brenntag GmbH

License Agreement

Solutions & Technology for the Corrugating Board industry

Boron Compound Suspensions

C-IP has an extensive patent portfolio and is always looking for the right partners,investors, licensees or buyers to bring its developments to the industry.
Don't hesitate to contact us for a casual conversation or detailed information.


Liquid Borate Suspensions


Starch Adhesive Rheology Enhancers


Sustainable Corrugated Board Production


Carrier Gel Technology



Magnetic Golf Practice Mat

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